Why production of early seeds will boost food production


The National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) says abundant production of Early Generation Seeds (EGS) is an assurance that Nigerians will get quality grains and boost food production in the country.

Ebiarede Zidafamor, the Director, Seed Coordination and Management Services at the council said this in Abuja.

Zidafamor said there were three classes of seeds, the breeder seeds, foundation and certified seeds which are the commercial seeds sold to farmers.

Breeder seeds are small quantity of seeds produced as breeders of a particular variety and that small quantity are the purest and highest quality among the classes of seeds.

“The second class of seeds is the foundation seeds which are a progeny of the breeder seeds.

“The foundation seeds are produced by private companies who have the facility and even the breeding seed companies can also make an extension to produce foundation seeds,” he said.

Zidafamor said the next class of seed was the certified or commercial seeds also produced by private seed companies which were eventually sold to farmers.

It is a chain from one generation of breeding to another.

“The first two generation of seeds breeder and foundation are what is called the Early Generation Seeds, EGS,’’ Zidafamor said.

He said that without the EGS, there would be no commercial seeds “because it is these EGS which transcend into certified, commercial seeds that farmers purchase and plant to produce grains.’’