WIN International Conference underway in Athens

By Ngozi John-Anigbogu, Abuja

Lady Charity Ohadiugha, WIN Partner, Africa in an interview with VON Correspondent Ngòzi John Anigbogu.

About 1000 women from Africa, Asia, America and Europe are attending the 2019 Women In Networking (WIN) International Conference which opened on Wednesday in Athens, Greece.

The conference brings together women of diverse careers; entrepreneurs, company executives, activists, leaders of NGOs and Politicians, to rob minds on how women can contribute to ensure a bright future for all.

The theme of the conference is ‘Pioneering the Future.’  Since its inception in Switzerland in 1998, the WIN International Conference has assisted many women to discover their potentials and establish themselves in different fields.

According to its Founder, Kristin Engvig, ”WIN international Conference inspires conscious women to step into decision making roles, progress their careers, excel in politics and business while encouraging artists and activists as well as those at new frontiers. Trailblazers and leaders on a journey of growth come to WIN to tap into the unique energy and the network of influence that facilitates their own work in the world. Likewise, companies set to create thriving, sustainable and gender balanced organisations with high values come to WIN to expand and make their strategies become their way.’’

Touching lives
The Executive Partner (Africa) WIN International Conference, Switzerland, Lady Charity Ohadiugha said that Nigeria hosted the Conference in 2016, and since then, many lives had been touched by its activities.

”This conference has supported many people coming from Africa to attend for the first time, to pay their transportation, accommodation and sometimes, they also support them in their local communities to also empower other women around them in different shapes and forms,’’ Lady Ohadiugha said.

She told Voice of Nigeria that the conference would be held again in Abuja from the 27th to the 28th November, 2019.

Lady Ohadiugha said that ”the women were looking forward to the Abuja conference because since the 2016, WIN Conference, women had ventured into many endeavours which hitherto they would not dare. I tell you since then we have had women in Agriculture, Women in Mining, Women in ICT and  Women in Publishing.”

On politics, the WIN Partner for Africa stressed that what WIN is actually championing is for women to prepare themselves for leadership positions.

”We are not advocating for women to be given positions because they are women but for women to be given positions because they are qualified persons for the job,’’ she explained.

Lady Ohadiugha further said that through WIN conference, women in rural areas had been given scholarships to learn what they didn’t know and to unlearn what they hold wrongly.

The conference ends on Friday.


Mercy Chukwudiebere