Update: Lawyers withdraw from Neymar’s rape case


The woman who has accused Brazilian football star Neymar of rape has reportedly been dropped by the law firm representing her as doubts escalated over the veracity of her allegations.

The latest twist in the case emerged last night after the woman threatened to release a video of the alleged attack to the media to ‘ruin’ the Paris Saint-Germain striker’s career.

She is also said to have revealed in a heated exchange that she ‘should have killed the player when she had the chance’.

Rio de Janeiro based lawyers Fernandes and Abreu reported that the woman first alleged she had been physically assaulted by the player – but had not mentioned she was raped until lodging the complaint on May 31.

Brazilian football star Neymar, who is the world’s most expensive player, has denied claims he raped a woman in a Paris hotel last month. He took to Instagram to claim the incident was ‘a set-up’

Throughout, she confirmed the relationship with Neymar was consensual.

A report by a private doctor reveals that the 26-year-old woman had ‘bruises and scrapes on the buttocks and displayed an anxious and depressive disorder along with unspecified superficial traumatisms.’

The examination was made a week after the alleged assault which is believed to have occurred on May 15 in Paris.

Police are investigating Neymar for divulging intimate images of the woman, who has not been named.

Under Brazil’s penal code, it is an offence to publish nude images without the consent of the person.

In the video released by Neymar, he erased several posts. But in some, it was possible to see her face and her full name. None of which can be disclosed for legal reasons.

Her representatives said they decided to withdraw their services after their ethical standards were compromised by the woman’s behaviour, according to reports on Brazilian Globo TV.

They advised her that to avoid a court case it would be better to strike a deal with Neymar’s legal team because the process could be ‘long and drawn out’.

In the Instagram story , Neymar scrolled through alleged messages on his phone between him and the accuser and denied the allegations. He is now under investigation

However the accuser refused to accept these terms and claimed she wanted to get ‘maximum’ coverage by releasing the ‘damning’ video.

In an interview with Band TV on Monday, Neymar’s father Neymar Senior said in the presence of his son’s lawyers that: ‘My son is a victim of attempted extortion and this is the reason why he released the messages.

‘He preserved the name of the girl and her image but (my son) had to defend himself.

‘He’s been accused of rape and this is a crime he has not committed. He didn’t have a choice.

‘He preferred to commit an internet crime than be accused of rape. This was something he had to defend himself from quickly. It’s better that he tells the truth now to show what really happened.’

Neymar’s father then spoke about the second meeting with the woman.

He said: ‘She was desperate to meet up with him for the second time. He went (to her hotel) and stayed for 10 minutes.

‘When he was there (Neymar) notice a mobile phone was resting on the wall and it was recording.’

According to his father, the woman became angry with the footballer and lashed out at him.

(Neymar) threw himself on the bed (to avoid the confrontation) and asked her to ‘calm down and not to cause problems. He managed to calm her down and left the hotel and booked her return ticket,’ Neymar Snr continued.


‘(My son) also tried to record the conversation. He tried to switch on his phone but couldn’t because it was in his pocket. It was then he noticed that this could be a trap and he refused to talk to or meet with her again.’

The woman allegedly sent threatening messages after the second meeting and apparently confirmed she had covertly recorded a video.

So far, this video has not been released.

On Saturday, on social networks, Neymar released his video representing his defence.

‘It’s very annoying… it’s very sad to believe that the world is like this, that there are people who want to take advantage, want to extort other people, it’s really sad, really painful, but since I was put in that situation, I’ll explain it to you guys,‘ he said.

‘What happened… was totally opposite to what has been said. I’m very upset at the moment, but from now on I will expose everything, expose all the conversations I had with the girl, all our moments that are intimate.

‘It is necessary to be open. It is necessary to expose everything to prove that really nothing happened.

‘What happened on the day was a relationship between a man and woman inside four walls, something that happens with every couple and the next day nothing happened.

‘We kept exchanging messages (and) she asked me to take a present for her son and I was going to take a good one. Then I was taken by surprise because of it.’

Neymar released parts of the conversation he had with the woman before they met for the first time.

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In the messages, she says, ‘Give me at least one chance to love you, for an entire day.’

And Neymar invites her by saying: ‘Come to Paris’.

She responds that in April she has to go to Germany but will try to ‘escape’ to Paris.

They agree her trip to Paris and she accepts his willingness to buy her ticket.

Both make clear in the conversation that the meeting is going to be a sexually charged encounter.

She writes: ‘I am worth four women for my lover, and all four want to give you pleasure, so don’t worry …’

Near the date of her return flight, a message from the young woman says: ‘Is there any time left for me to kiss (your) whole body?’.

Neymar agrees: ‘That’s a beautiful idea and I’m missing it.’

Content disclosed by the athlete shows the pair spoke on social media normally following the day the woman alleged she was raped.

Both arranged for a second date as his accuser says she wanted to see him and Neymar responds: ‘Of course I want to have sex with you again.’

She begs him to ‘bring something for me to take to my son. He’s a big fan.’

Neymar agrees and subsequent messages appear to reveal there were no complaints from the woman regarding his behaviour.

The PSG forward’s bid to clear his name yesterday appeared to have caused him fresh problems as police confirmed they had launched a probe into his publication of the sensitive material, which included images of the unnamed 26-year-old women in her underwear.

The investigation is being led by a specialist Cyber Crime Unit in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Local reports suggested Neymar, who is currently in Brazil preparing for the 2019 Copa America which starts on June 14, could be jailed for between one to five years if he is found guilty of infringing laws designed to protect people from being filmed or pictured without their consent in material of a sexual nature.

Neymar uploaded a string of WhatsApp photos and messages from his alleged victim on Sunday in an attempt to show the claims were a ‘set-up.’

His accuser claims the 27-year-old footballer flew her from Brazil to a hotel in Paris after they met through Instagram.

She alleges he arrived at the hotel on May 15 ‘drunk’ and after conversation and embraces, ‘became aggressive and through violence, engaged in sexual intercourse against the will of the victim’, according to a police document.

Neymar responded with a seven-minute video on his Instagram page which has sparked the new police probe in which he said: ‘Due to extortion I’m being forced to expose my life and my family.

‘It was a trap and I ended up falling for it.’

The footballer’s representatives accused a Sao Paulo-based lawyer of attempting to extort money from the former Barcelona forward.

Neymar Santos, the star’s father as well as his agent, said: ‘My son can be accused of many things, but I know what kind of man he is. It’s clear that this was a trap.’

Neymar could be jailed for between one to five years if he is found guilty of infringing laws designed to protect people from being filmed or pictured without their consent in material of a sexual nature

The initial document, first published on Saturday, says the incident took place on May 15 at 8.20pm in a hotel.

The woman went to police in Sao Paulo on Friday.

Sao Paulo state’s Public Security Secretariat, which oversees police, confirmed in a statement that the complaint was registered, but did not offer details.

The Paris police and the city’s prosecutors’ office said through spokesmen that they were unaware of any complaint as id yesterday.

The text also says the woman left Paris two days after her apparent rendezvous with Neymar, and said she did not file her complaint in Paris because she was shaken.

The police document says the woman will go through medical exams as part of an investigation.

It is believed the incident occurred at the Sofitel Paris, but sources there indicated the hotel had ‘no immediate knowledge’ of the complaint for rape.

The senior Sofitel management source said: ‘Yes PSG footballers come here a lot, because we are close to their ground, but they go to plenty of other hotels too.‘Nothing has been publicised about this complaint. We have no immediate knowledge of what is being said.’

Neymar arrived at the Granja Comary training ground outside Rio de Janeiro 10 days after the alleged incident.

Brazil players had a day off on Saturday. Neymar left the training ground with other team-mates in his helicopter earlier in the day.

The 27-year-old Brazilian has had problems on and off the pitch.

One week before the accusation of rape became known, he lost Brazil’s national team’s captaincy for the Copa America to veteran Dani Alves.

Coach Tite did not lay out the reasons for the move, but he was under pressure to punish Neymar for his disciplinary problems at Paris St Germain.

After PSG lost the French Cup final to Rennes on April 27, Neymar had an altercation with a fan and publicly criticised team-mates he did not name for not listening to him enough.

That was one of his first matches since January, when he once more picked up a fifth metatarsal injury in his right-foot.

Brazil’s fitness coaches say he will be in better shape once the South American tournament begins.

This week Neymar skipped two Brazil training sessions in Copa America preparations because of pains in his left knee.

Brazil’s football confederation said on Friday he was fully recovered.