World Cup 2018: England defeats Panama 6-1


Kane has his hat-trick, VAR might scrub this off, though. Panama move the ball to the right and back again as England set themselves in compact defensive lines to win the ball back.

Stones has three runners upfield but doesn’t make the right choice. Panama continue to engage in some after-tackle filth, hands in faces, sly kicks and digs.  Pickford taps it to Walker who plays it up to Henderson and he gives Kane a hare to chase with a long ball up the inside-right channel. Escobar, who has improved, gets there first. No criticism that England have not resumed as they finished the half. They’re trying to find their rhythm. Fingers burnt by the penalty, they keep their hands largely to themselves this time. But Trippier’s centre is well-defended.

Baloy  the 37 year old does what Torres didn’t, connects with a sliding half-volley, this lone from about 8m when England’s offside trap falls apart from a free-kick on the left. Poor defending. Crisp finish.






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