World Environment Day : Environmentalist calls for action against air pollution


Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi,the founder, Lagos State Urban Forest and Animal Shelter Initiative (LUFAS) park, has attributed lack of awareness and care  as being responsible for  the increasing air pollution in the county.Majekodunmi said this in Lagos, on the commemoration of the 2019 World Environment Day.

This year’s edition of the  global day  has : “Beat Air Pollution’’ as its theme. The event  holds annually on June 5  to create awareness on  the effects of air pollution and its effects on human  beings and the environment.

Majekodunmi identified tree planting, creation of awareness, renewable energy, recycling of waste as solutions to mitigate the effects of air pollution in the country.

“Nigeria is the fourth largest  nation  in the world with high degree of air pollution and more people in Nigeria die from air pollution than any other country apart from China and India.

 What we need is an alternative to the use of  generators   by Nigerians because generators emit dangerous poison,  especially, among  children.

We really must overcome this issue of people having to use generators for electricity.

It has gone on for too long, making it one of the most embarrassing things about our nation particularly   because we have all it takes to such as wind,water sunlight and sun heat to generate electricity from.

“ We need to declare a  state of emergency on the electricity sector in this country”, he said.

Majekodunmi urged  the government to provide adequate electricity for its citizenry to reduce the rate at which they were using generators.

He also called for massive  planting of trees  across the country to absorb all the pollution in the air.

He said that the government should also declare a  state of emergency against  bush burning  to reduce  maternal  and child mortality rate in the country usually caused by  excessive pollution.