World Refugee Day: NRC tasks host communities on durable solutions

Rahila Lassa, Abuja


Communities hosting refugees and IDPs have been urged to provide durable solutions to the plights of the displaced persons.

The Federal Commissioner, Nigeria Commission for Refugees Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons, Mrs Sadiya Umar Farouq, made the call in an interview with Voice of Nigeria during a four-kilometre walk in solidarity with refugees, ahead of the 2019 World Refugee Day, on June 20, in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to her, distribution of food items to the displaced persons is not enough to address their plights.

“The most sustainable strategy is to give these Refugees durable solution. So, we are focused now on empowering these people so that they get back to their feet and take care of their selves and members of their communities”.

She said it was the responsibility of host communities to empathise with the displaced persons.

“Take these people as your brothers and sisters, be their keepers, support them. Nigerians are generous; they are willing to share whatever they have with others. We have seen that with the refugees in Cross-river and Benue States. That’s why it’s a global call on people to take a step,” she explained.

On the significance of the four-kilometre Walk, she said it was to show solidarity and give the refugees some sense of belonging.

“It is to create awareness, to show concern, to show love, to show empathy to these vulnerable people who have lost their homes and everything. It’s to show them we are with them, we are supporting them and we have accepted them”.