World’s best teacher meets Pope Francis


Peter Tabichi, a Kenyan science teacher who won the 2019 world’s best teacher prize, has spoken of his awe for Pope Francis’ humility after the two met in the Vatican.

Brother Peter, a member of the Franciscan religious order, won the 2019 Global Teacher Prize and was praised for his achievements in a deprived school where there are crowded classes and few text books.

He gives away 80 percent of his pay to support pupils at the Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School, where he teaches.

On Wednesday, he tweeted photos of his meeting with Pope Francis.

He said he exchanged prayer requests with the pontiff.

He said that he was inspired by the great humility of the Pontifex. During the meeting at Santa Marta in Rome he told him, “Pray for me, brother!”. I too replied, “Pray for us and all the teachers”. May the New Year be filled with new hope, new joy and new beginnings.


Dominica Nwabufo