WWE: Goldberg returns, will wrestle at SummerSlam

Goldberg returns to WWE Raw, will wrestle at SummerSlam

Bill Goldberg is facing Dolph Ziggler at WWE SummerSlam 2019 this Sunday. The match was made during last night’s Raw.

A special edition of Miz TV began with the host introducing Shawn Michaels and Ziggler, who ran ‘HBK‘ and ‘The A-Lister‘ down on the microphone.

Miz, who was originally pegged to face Dolph at SummerSlam, clapped back at his long-term rival, then claimed ‘The Show-Off‘ hadn’t read the fine print on their bout contract.

Rather than facing Ziggler on pay-per-view, Miz revealed that he’d now meet him on the Raw after SummerSlam.

Out came Goldberg to huge cheers. The Former WCW Champion Goldberg signed the contract and said, “Dolph Ziggler, guess what son? You’re next.”

As Ziggler escaped, he walked into HBK’s ‘Sweet Chin Music‘, gaining a measure of revenge for Ziggy’s assault on him a few weeks prior.

An effective set-up that drew the desired crowd reaction and a solid return for Goldberg, whose last appearance was that disastrous match with The Undertaker at Super Show-Down.

Chidi Nwoke.