Xenophobic Attacks -Nigeria seeks compensation for its citizens

Adoba Echono,Abuja


The Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, has promised that the Nigerian government will push for accountability and compensation for Nigerians who suffered losses during attacks in South Africa.

Mr. Onyeama stated this during a joint news briefing with the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Bobby Moroe, over the continued xenophobic attacks on Nigerians living in South Africa.

The Minister, who condemned the frequent attacks on Nigerians in South Africa, added that the Nigerian government will do everything to protect her citizens.

According to Mr. Onyeama, “very definitive measures have to be taken to stop once and for all these acts of aggression and criminality against Nigerians in South Africa.”

“For us the Nigerian government, we are determined that we should not have any recurrence of this going forward, so we must put in place mechanisms to ensure that this do not recur.”

Mr. Onyeama disclosed that the Nigerian government has recommended to the South African government, that security forces of the two countries should work out details for them to collaborate and be on ground in South Africa to checkmate these attacks.

The two security forces, South Africa and Nigeria, we can have an arrangement where there will be cooperation on the ground in South Africa to arrest such events and occurrences and this obviously something we have to work out details with the South African government and hopefully see us addressing at the field level, the challenges posed by these incessant attacks”. 

The South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Bobby Moroe, disclosed that about seventy suspects have been arrested in connection with the attacks and looting, but cautioned against escalation of the incidents by those sharing different videos on the social media, which has the capacity to inflame passions.

Mr. Moroe added that the South African government is doing everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice and reiterated the government’s resolve to protect interests of all foreign nationals legitimately living in South Africa.

The envoy, who described the attacks as sporadic acts of violence, and not xenophobic, added that businesses belonging to other South Africans were also affected by the violence.

Ime Njoku