Yemeni peace talks fail for the fourth time


The UN-sponsored talks between the Yemeni warring rivals failed after two days of delay because of the absence of a delegation representing the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Undermining the first attempt in two years to negotiate an end to the four-year civil war raised fears among the majority of Yemeni people about the fate of their country.

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths told a press conference in Geneva that the UN failed to get the Houthi delegation from the capital Sanaa to join the talks with the Saudi-backed Yemeni government team that arrived early in Switzerland.

The exhausted Yemeni citizens started their preparations for the worst after their expectations of a permanent peace from Switzerland’s Geneva faded away again for the fourth time.

“The failure of Geneva talks means that our future will be more difficult,” said Amjad Abdullah, a Yemeni citizen, adding that “all the warring factions will engage in fighting instead of peace talks because they don’t care about the suffering of ordinary people.”
We expected that this year would be the last one with fighting and suffering but unfortunately it turned out that we were wrong because more years of war will come,” he said.

All the leaders of the warring factions in Yemen are linked to other neighboring powerful countries that provide them with instructions and directions about what to do, according to observers.

Houthi representatives had earlier lamented that they were not allowed to attend the talks.