Yeye Cabaret celebrates late Nigerian Ebola Hero

Late Dr. Stella Adadevoh


By Ugonma Cokey, Lagos

A leading annual Mothers Day event, Yeye Cabaret is this year celebrating Late Dr. Stella Adadevoh as part of its programme.

Adadevoh born on 27 October, 1956 and died in August 19, 2014 is credited with having curbed a wider spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria by placing the patient zero, Patrick Sawyer, in quarantine despite pressures from the Liberian government.

This year’s edition, the 6th in the series, unlike other editions will have a full glossed Magazine.

The magazine which features labours of our heroes past is dedicated to women professionals who have done one patriotic act or another.

The Magazine has two pages celebrating late Dr. Adadevoh.

The Curator, Mr. Ayo Ogundipe said; “we are using our platform as an outreach to sensitise the populace on the aspect of womanhood, women who have made sacrifices even the ultimate sacrifice as professionals in the field.”

L-R: Producer Yeye Cabaret, Mr. Alaba Adesokun; Curator/Executive Producer, Mr. Ogundipe Ayodele; and Visual Director, Yeye Cabaret, Mr. Rotors Babalogbon, at a press conference on Yeye Cabaret.

Narrative of Motherhood
Mr. Ogundipe says the 6th Edition with Theme “To love a woman” expands the narrative of motherhood and looks at the role of women beyond child bearer.

We are looking at the individual person with talent, ambition and capacity, going beyond that domestic capacity of motherhood and looking at her in a professional light.

“We are taking it beyond the religious setting, the religious wall to make it more inclusive. It seems like Mothers Day is exclusive to the churches, I mean a muslim mother is a mother, even an atheist mother is still a mother,” he explained.

The event holding in Lagos on Sunday, will feature fine 3 course meal by Chef Freg, the first African to be invited to the Dubai Festival. There will also be entertainment and shopping, music, acting and spoken word poetry.

Yeye Cabaret is about the unique mother day experience which is now life and virtual to engage the audience beyond the day.

Mr. Ogundipe said; Mothers Day doesn’t have to be that one day in a year,it can be extended ,so we want that Yeye Cabaret experience to be multiplied and carried beyond that day. So beyond that one day it’s part of our mission to redefine motherhood.”

According to him, the idea is to make Yeye Cabaret not just an event but a brand, and the brand is where you’re conscious of Mothers Day, so you think of Mothers Day ,you think of Yeye Cabaret, since it happens on Mothers Day.

The event will engage talents, promote the creative and tourism industries, bring in forex and create employment for people.


Mercy Chukwudiebere