Youth agriculturist seeks more government support


Iorwase Asue, a young agriculturist, has called on government at all levels to encourage young people in the agriculture.

Asue made the call on Tuesday in Makurdi.

He urged the three tiers of government to fashion out quality modalities that would make agriculture attractive to the youths.

He said that agriculture was a lucrative venture but the youths failed to embrace it because it was made unattractive.

“If they make good policies geared towards transforming the agricultural sector, the youths will not be scrambling for white collar jobs that are not there.

“They will jettison the idea of I must work for government and strive to be self employed and become an employer instead of an employee.

“They should procure machines like power tillers, harvesters since the tractors are too expensive for the peasant farmers to buy.

“They have to make agriculture less tedious,’’ he said.