Youth Games: Sports ministry to sanction defaulting states


The Ministry of Youths and Sports Development says states that will not abide by the rules guiding the National Youth Games (NYG) will be disqualifed or sanctioned.

Ademola Are, Director, Department of Grassroots Sports Development, Ministry of Youths and Sports Development, who said this is Abuja, warned that states must adhere strictly to the 15 years age limits.

Are noted that all was set for the 4th edition of the Games slated to hold from Sept.  7 to Sept. 14 in Ilorin, Kwara.

“The ministry is making efforts to see that we have a hitch-free fourth edition of the National Youth Games in the University of Ilorin.

“We have project officers that are in touch with the university’s management and we have concluded necessary arrangements in the areas of accommodation, medical and feeding .

“The Games begin on Sept. 7 but the opening ceremony will hold on Sept. 10. The states are also preparing.

“We will be having our Delegates Registration Meeting to get the number of athletes and officials that will feature in the festival.  

“The meeting is where the states confirm the number of athletes and official that we take part in the event by name not by number. 

“We are ensuring that any state that falls short of this rule will be disqualified and sanctioned. 

“We may not be able to enforce that such athletes leave the Games but we will ensure that such athletes will not take part in any of the events,” he said. 

Are said that states that were sanctioned for not participating in the 2017 edition must pay their fines before taking part in the 2018 edition.
Lagos and Zamfara were fined for failure to participate in the 2017 edition with Lagos fined N5 million, while Zamfara was fined N2.5 million.