Yvonne Nelson urges younger people to focus on education


Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson says she regrets not being serious with her education after getting a spot in the entertainment industry.

Nelason explained that she faced challenges  in making out time to re-sit some papers, after she failed her Senior High School Examination.

“I had to rewrite some papers. I was so much into entertainment that I didn’t take my schooling serious.

“You can easily mess up and not make it to university. I regret not paying attention to my books.

“When I see kids of today, I tell them to pay attention to their books,” she said.

She also said that the need to climb to the peak of education, regardless of one’s career path, couldn’t be overemphasised.

“I was in Central University. And it wasn’t easy mixing sets with classes. I had to make up my mind. It was tough.

“Nigerian producers were giving me juicy offers and I was torn between accepting the offers or not.

“But, I had to focus on school and I was so happy to have graduated, I didn’t want to defer,” she added

She urged the younger people especially teenagers to take their education seriously noting  that it was the only legacy their parents could give to them.

She disclosed that she was going to start the production of the fourth season of her series `Heels and Sneakers’, which began showing in 2016 and is on its third season on Africa Magic and Rok3 TV.

Yvonne Nelson, a mother of one, is a Ghanaian actress, model, film producer, entrepreneur and has starred in several movies, including House of Gold (2013), Any Other Monday, In April and Swings.

Rahila L.