Zambian government: We’ve enough food to tackle hunger-striken areas


The Zambian Government  says the county has enough food to address the problem of hunger in hunger-stricken areas.

About 58 districts had been hit by food crisis following poor harvests due to poor rains. About 2.3 million people in the country were currently in need of food relief.

The National Coordinator of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, Chanda Kabwe, said there was no need for people to start panicking as the government was in control of the situation.

He said that when he featured on a live interview on Pan African Radio that no one would die of hunger and that the government was on course in distributing food relief.

He, however, accused some stakeholders of trying to politicize the hunger situation through fake reports that some people had died of hunger in some parts of the country.

“Some people are just trying to mislead the nation and this is why I always say there is no need to politicize the hunger situation in some parts of the country, “ he said.

According to him, the agency has secured about 5, 000 tons of beans to be distributed to the people in need and that it was also in the process of securing more food stuffs for the needy.