Zimbabwe declares health emergency over cholera


Officials in Zimbabwe have declared a health emergency in the capital, Harare, after the death toll of people infected with cholera rose to 20.

At least 2,000 people have been infected after drinking contaminated water.

Health Minister Obadiah Moyo said it came about after burst sewers contaminated water in boreholes and open wells, which are used by residents of Budiriro and Glenview suburbs.

“We are declaring an emergency for Harare. This will enable us to contain cholera, typhoid and whatever is going on. We don’t want any further deaths,” Mr Moyo said after touring a hospital treating patients in the capital.

Harare city council has struggled to supply water to some suburbs for more than a decade, forcing residents to rely on water from open wells and community boreholes.

Nneka Ukachukwu