Zimbabwe pays $64m to white farmers who lost farmlands


Compensation payments have been made to white farmers in Zimbabwe who lost their farms in a controversial land reform policy under the Robert Mugabe led government.

The Zimbabwean Finance Minister. Mthuli Ncube is quoted in a report as saying 93 farmers had so far benefited to the tune of $64 million over the last decade.

The report added that the payments made in 2018 were for “immovable improvements” that the farmers had made on the seized lands.

According to him efforts are still underway to trigger more disbursements via a verification exercise given that the government had identified more farmers who needed to be duly compensated.

“Compensating the affected farmers is a noble idea and is in keeping with our constitutional dispensation,” he added.

The issue of payments long debated came up in April 2019 when the finance and agriculture ministries said they had budgeted 53 million Zimbabwean dollars ($18 million) in payments to “former farm owners affected by the land reform programme and who are in financial distress.”