Zimbabwe’s Delta lager sales hit by power, fuel shortages


Zimbabwe’s Delta Corporation, the country’s largest drinks maker, reported a 48% fall in half-year lager sales compared with the same period last year after output and distribution were hit by shortages of electricity and fuel.

The worst economic crisis in a decade in Zimbabwe has been compounded by a drought that has reduced water levels in dams needed for hydro-power, leading to 18-hour electricity cuts that are roiling industry and mines.

Delta, which is 40%-owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, said that shortages of foreign currency meant the company also struggled to import raw materials during the half-year ending September.


“Our production and distribution operations were disrupted by the shortages of electricity and fuel, which in themselves are a manifestation of the limited availability of foreign currency,” said Delta.

The company said it owed $72 million to foreign suppliers.

Hauwa Mustapha