Zimbabwe’s opposition wants relations with Israel


Zimbabwe’s main opposition party leader, Nelson Chamisa, has launched his political party’s manifesto in preparation for next month’s general election.

At the event in the capital, Harare, the 40-year-old politician announced that he would re-establish relations with Israel should he become president.

“We must re-establish our relationship with Israel. We must have the embassy of Israel coming back here. We must have our embassy in Israel. Why? Because Israel is such an important player and partner going forward in terms of our reconstruction agenda but also in terms of our spiritual renewal as a nation,” he stated.

His statement immediately elicited a lot of discussion among Zimbabweans on social media.

The ruling Zanu-PF government traditionally supports Palestinians in their struggle against Israel.

The manifesto was launched under the banner of the MDC Alliance, a political partnership with other fringe political parties in Zimbabwe.

The document is titled Smart – Sustainable and Modern Agenda for Real Transformation.

Interestingly the event was covered live by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), the state broadcaster, the first time this has happened.

On Tuesday, the MDC held a protest march in Harare to among other things press for equal access to state media.