Zuma ready to face corruption charges


Former South African President Jacob Zuma is expected in court in KwaZulu Natal province soon to face charges of corruption, fraud and money laundering.

Last week, a South African High Court ruled against Mr Zuma’s application for the case to be dropped.


The corruption allegations, which Mr Zuma denies, date back to the country’s largest arms contract in the 1990s. And attempts to bring him to court stretch back 15 years.

The state alleges that Mr Zuma received bribes to ensure that French arms company Thales was one of the successful bidders.

Thales has previously denied the allegations of corruption.

It is not clear if Mr Zuma will appeal against last week’s high court ruling.

Professor Pierre de Vos, a constitutional law expert at the University of Cape Town, said Mr Zuma’s chances of success should he decide to appeal, were slim.

“Mr Zuma’s problem is his arguments in previous cases over the past 15 years the courts have already said those arguments don’t hold water,” Prof De Vos said.

The former president is still widely popular among supporters of the ruling African National Congress ANC.

His supporters have arranged 20 buses in the port city of Durban and 30 buses to move around Pietermaritzburg to pick supporters and transport them to the court precinct, where Mr Zuma would address them after his appearance.

An organiser said they were expected between 5,000 and 8,000 people to make the trip.


Christopher Ojilere