Zuma resignation triumph for democracy

Gloria Essien, Abuja


The resignation of South African Jacob Zuma has been described as a triumph for democracy in Africa.

A former Permanent Secretary Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to A.U and Ethiopia, Ambassador Bulus Lolo stated this in an interview with the Voice of Nigeria.

He said that it was time African leaders start listening to the voice of the people and lead within the institutions.

So, now that Jacob Zuma himself, haven seen that he has reached the end of the road, instead of going through the horror of being forced out of office through a vote of no confidence,  he took a very pragmatic step but an inevitable one for that matter to exist rather than going down as that leader who was voted out by his own party parliament Lolo said.

The former envoy also urged politicians to learn the lesson to respect and take pragmatic steps that guarantee peace and stability of the people because “that is what should count  of always. Nobody wants any single drop of blood in the name of political conflict but the continent should continue”

Indebt review
Ambassador Lolo advised the ANC to go back to the drawing board and carry out an indebt review of what the last ten years cumulatively has been for the party.

Thambo Mbeki was more or less pushed out of office, now Jacob Zuma has been pushed out of office. ANC should be careful not to create for itself the dubious reputation of the party that always pushes its leaders out of office before the completion of their mandate. This should be a warning to the party that they must avoid a situation where their leaders are not allowed to complete their term in office weather of their own making or due to circumstances beyond their control,he advised.

Jacob Zuma’s resignation brings to an end the long political disagreement between him and the African National Congress in South Africa.

Confidence Okwuchi